Village Care Initiatives Sierra Leone (VCISL) is a Sierra Leone registered non-governmental organization which was formed in 2006, out of the desire of its founders to alleviate poverty by increasing community participation in local, self-help initiatives and to serve as an operational partner in development. The founders gathered in Freetown at a meeting which was necessitated by their awareness that the problems of communities could be addressed, to a large extent, through working closely with existing development efforts of communities which focus on support for self-help initiatives at village and community level. There was concern that communities in Sierra Leone have been devastated by the last events of the civil conflict and prolonged poverty. The result has been hunger, disease, malnutrition, and finally hopelessness.The philosophy of VCISL is that village people and local communities know well – and better than others – what developments would best benefit their locality, and in order to succeed need only the will and the self-confidence to organize themselves and to seek the assistance available to them.VCI Sierra Leone puts those at the grassroots in charge of their own development by promoting self-reliance, participation and self-help. Through its program, community groups – particularly women and youth – are helped to mobilize their own resources and knowledge, to form coalitions with other such groups to share experience and know – how, and to use any help available to them. In this way they are also in a better position to influence development planning and to put their creativity at the disposal of national development efforts.

– We equip leaders to empower Village members to care for their community by raising their standards of living using their own resources.

– We will reach all communities in Sierra Leone with a message of hope and empowerment that results in freedom from poverty, hunger, disease and abuse.

– Our purpose is to transform the communities from being in bondage to the perpetual cycle of donor welfare to freedom of choice and a life of prosperity.

– We facilitate village initiatives that are rooted entirely in the ideas and resources of the community using a program we call Outcomes, Practices and Open Space (OPOS).

VCI Sierra Leone’s founders have a combined total of 15 years of active involvement in grassroots development work in Sierra Leone. They have served as Project Officers responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of numerous small-scale and medium-scale development projects. They have considerable project experience in a variety of development sectors – agriculture, health, nutrition, sanitation, Education, Training and Economic Security. They have also participated in numerous workshops and seminars in fields that relate directly to the objectives of VCI. Coming from rural backgrounds, they empathize with the rural poor and have determined to devote their careers to the improvement of the quality of life of their fellow Sierra Leoneans.

VCISL is legally registered in Sierra Leone as a non-profit making, charitable, non-governmental organization. The nine member Advisory Board is drawn from individuals who have shown keen interest in development issues. The Board provides broad guidelines for policy and development action and considers the Country Director’s report and audited accounts.The day-to-day operations of VCI Sierra Leone is the responsibility of the Country Director and his staff. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, coordination, research, information and animation, study of projects and general administration.

Country Director and Chairman of the Board
P.O.Box 628, Freetown, Sierra Leone, E-mail: villagecaresl@gmail.com

logo VCISL 2


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